Mechanics from Hell – Continues

Mechanics from Hell Continues Part II

Mechanics from Abyss

I walked in and was beyond shock. They had engine parts every were. The mechanics even had their tools inside my car on the seats, you could see engine oil finger prints  on the dashboard. Just tint my windows at a shop close to me and he already had razor marks on it. I was furious, but I remained calm. I know the car was not drive able at this  point. I just wanted the to put it back together so i could take it to the ultimate money sucker “car dealership”. After what I saw, I did not want to experience another horrific mechanic shop. The manager called me into his office and printed out an estimate. He said the parts would arrive by 4pm if we order it right way. I said go ahead, and that is were they had me hooked. They offered me a ride back home, hoping they would get it fixed as soon as  the parts arrived. I called them at 4:00pm, I was told they had to order the parts from another state because the supplier did not have the parts. I told them to put my car back together, since I needed it for work and it was working find earlier. He said I could borrow one of their trucks for free and bring it back the next day. I borrowed their truck and as I drove to work I was thinking “what did I get myself into?”. The truck was smelling like a mechanic’s shop, seats were dirty and oily.

Fast forward to the next day. It was a Friday, i drove to the mechanic’s shop and sat in their office until they finished working on my car. I was not happy with the service, but I was glad to get my car out of there. i drove it home listening to the engine, but did not notice anything. I could only spell different kinds of engine fluid in my car and finger prints on my safety glass. I just got a SUV window tinting in New York City. Got home hoping my bad $1,400 huddle was over, but it just begun. Drove to work on Saturday, good day. I worked till 4:00pm and when it was quit time, I walked to my car to start the engine so i can turn the a/c on. I walked back in to clock out, chatted with someone and as I walked back out I could see a puddle of water between the front tires and it was still dripping from the engine. As I ran closer, all I could smell was petrol (GAS). I was pissed, i turned off the engine and noticed the fluid stopped dripping from underneath the hood.



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