Oil Change Scam – Mechanics From Hell !!

Oil Change Scam – Mechanics From Hell

Mechanics from Hell !!

When last did you have an oil change? A simple oil change once cost me $1,400 dollars. Unlike getting up sale for other services at a local drive in service outlet. I took my car to a mechanic shop so they had the time to take my SUV apart and suck it to me. Here is my story. Long time ago when I was young, naïve and scared to open the hood of a car. I was driving home from work at 8.30am and was feeling good so I stopped by a doughnut drive through to get me something sweet before I went to bed. Has I pulled out of the doughnut parking lot, the check engine light came on. I thought that was the end of my world, but to the savvy the check engine light is simply called “the sucker light”.  I knew my oil change was almost due and knew the light was just a warning, but I was still worried. So I thought to myself I would just pull into this mechanic shop in my neighborhood, have the oil change and get the light turned off. Note: Try to have a regular place you trust to get your car serviced or worked on.  Going to a random mechanic increases your chances of being had. So I pulled into the garage and told them what was going on. I was told the mechanics would be in around 9.00am and I they had two cars they were working on last night. So it was going to take about 2 1/2 hours to get to me. Since I just got off work and it was my neighborhood, I decided it would be nice to go home to enjoy my donuts, then come back to my well serviced SUV. The shop manager offered me a ride home and I waited for the call to come pick up my ride.

Around twelve O’clock noon and my cell rings. He told me they found a crack on a gasket after tracing a leak. He said I was lucky the apprentice had sharp eyes and they left what ever they disassembled that way so I could see it. He sent the apprentice to pick me up, we chatted on the way and he sounded like it was not a big deal. As I walked in to the shop I knew I was in hell when I saw the kids working on my car. Parts from under the hood were scattered on the floor just like you would when assembling different parts of a vacuum cleaner that came in a big box on your living room floor.



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